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Marinelife of the North Atlantic - Now in it's 4th edition!

Since the book has been completely redone I was able to make many changes in this new edition. For the first time, I was able to edit all 390 color photos to represent accurate color and tone. I have added over 200 new images, 60 new creatures or plants, and expanded the range. The coverage of the 4th edition is from Canada to Cape May. Although the range of many of the plants and creatures in the previous editions extended to Cape May, I made an effort in this edition to include many more from the southern end of the range. In total, there are 278 species of plants, fish, and invertebrates along with comments on the animals' identification, habitat, range and natural history. This expanded coverage makes Marine Life of the North Atlantic an invaluable reference for scuba divers, naturalists and aquarium enthusiasts.

Due to the extent of the changes in this edition, I was able to add much more natural history notes. The emphasis natural history, I believe, makes it a better learning tool. I have tried to depict animals camouflaging, hunting, feeding, hiding, mating, caring for their young, and demonstrating various color phases. There was positive feedback for the notation section beside each photo, so that remains in this edition also.

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