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Marine Life - North Atlantic - Now available from the App Store and Google Play!

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Welcome to the Digital Version of Marine Life of the North Atlantic. The book Marine Life of the North Atlantic has evolved to a mobile app called Marine Life - North Atlantic.

We have worked conscientiously to make this application both an easily used digital book as well as a tool for timely communication between participating users.

In the Marine Life - North Atlantic app:

  • more animals and photos
  • many animal behaviors (feeding, mating, hunting, camouflage, etc)
  • create your own personal Life Lists and Following Lists of plants and animals
  • personal Dive Records
  • free updates

In a separate section of the app, local dive stores will be able to reach you with timely and relevant news and announcements about local/international dive trips, classes, meetings, social gatherings and other useful information tailored for those who love spending time by, at or in the ocean. Our dive shops need our support in so many ways and getting the info to you can be instrumental in helping them succeed.

As a subscriber you will be able to receive notification with detailed time and location information about the animal(s) you wish to see on a dive. In this way, our hope is to create a web of users who communicate their marine discoveries for others to share. You will be able to keep a record of your own observations and generate a life list as you record your observations.

Sample Screens (click for bigger view):

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app screen 3

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