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Soft Coral with crinoids

Image Title: Soft Coral with crinoids
Serial Number: 000826
Caption: Soft Coral, Dendronephthya sp.,with crinoids clinging to it Bali, Indonesia
Key Words: Gorgonian Soft Coral, Dendronephthya sp., with crinoid Bali, Indonesia, coral reef; coral reefs; & fish; reef; reefs; coral; corals; soft coral reef; soft coral; soft corals; fish; zoology; wildlife; nature; animal; animals; fauna; marine; aquatic; ocean; sea; marine life; sea life; ocean life; cnidaria; cnidarian; cnidarians; scenic; scenics; seascape; seascapes; sea scape; sea scapes; pacific; ZT2AO-355, red
Destination: Indonesia-Bali
Location: Tulumben
Category: Underwater - Tropical Ocean
Subcategory: Cnidarian
Original Format: 35mm slide film