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Northern Seastars feeding on mussels

Image Title: Northern Seastars feeding on mussels
Genus species: Asterias vulgaris
Serial Number: 000078
Caption: Northern Seastar Asterias vulgaris feeding on mussels Gulf of Maine ZC10A-025
Key Words: tube feet, marine, marine life, aquatic, aquatic animal, aquatic animals, underwater, animal, animals, wildlife, sea life, invertebrate, invertebrates, seascape, seascapes, starfish, starfishes, echinaster, echinoderm, echinoderms, water-vascular, water-vascular movement, star, stars, invertebrate, invertebrates, stars, star, sea stars, seastar, seascape, water-vascular movement, NW Atlantic, Gulf of Maine, New England, New England marine life,
Destination: Gulf of Maine
Location: Rockport MA
Category: Underwater - Cold Ocean
Subcategory: Echinoderm
Original Format: 35mm slide film