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Northern Cerianthid

Image Title: Northern Cerianthid
Genus species: Cerianthus borealis
Serial Number: 006216
Caption: Northern Cerianthid, Cerianthus borealis, Gulf of Maine , often called sand anemones, live in tubes often in sandy areas. They withdraw into sand when disturbed.
Key Words: Northern Cerianthid; Cerianthus borealis; Gulf of Maine; cerianthid; cerianthids; animal; animals; fauna; marine; ocean life; sea life; underwater; marine; marine life; invertebrate; invertebrates; aquatic; aquatic animal; sand anemone; tube anemone; aquatic; underwater; tentacles; tentacle; anemone; anemones; horizontal; cnidarian; cnidarians
Destination: Gulf of Maine
Location: Rockport, MA
Category: Underwater - Cold Ocean
Subcategory: Cnidarian
Original Format: Digital L -mp