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Winter Skate

Image Title: Winter Skate
Genus species: Leucoraja ocellata
Serial Number: 005340
Caption: Winter Skate (Leucoraja ocellata) a nocturnal feeder that covers itself with sand in the day time. Gulf of Maine
Key Words: Winter Skate; Leucoraja ocellata; Gulf of Maine; animal; animals; fauna; fish; fishes; cartilaginous; marine; marine life; underwater; ocean life; skate; skates; on sea floor; wildlife; sea life; seascape; seascapes; sea; carnivores; predator; predators; vertebrate; vertebrates; bottom fish; bottom fishes; bottom feeder; bottom feeders; horizontal; Gulf of Maine; NW Atlantic; New England marine life; New England wildlife; ray-like; buried; sand; under sand
Destination: Gulf of Maine
Location: Rockport, Ma
Category: Underwater - Cold Ocean
Subcategory: Fish
Original Format: Digital L -mp