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Rock Crab hiding in Surf Clam shell

Image Title: Rock Crab hiding in Surf Clam shell
Genus species: Cancer irroratus,
Serial Number: 000456
Caption: Rock Crab, Cancer irroratus, hiding in Surf Clam shell, Gulf of Maine
Key Words: Rock Crab, Cancer irroratus, marine; marine life; aquatic; aquatic animal; aquatic animals; underwater; animal; animals; wildlife; sea life; invertebrate; invertebrates; seascape; seascapes; sea; fauna; crab; crabs; crustacean; crustaceans; claw; sand; carapace; shell; shellfish; arthropod; arthropods; pincers; pincer; horizontal; Cancer irroratus; C. irroratus; edible ZT9CC-012, Gulf of Maine, NW Atlantic
Destination: Gulf of Maine
Location: Cape Ann
Category: Underwater - Cold Ocean
Subcategory: Arthropod
Original Format: 35mm slide film