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About Andrew J. Martinez Photography

For more than 30 years Andrew Martinez has been photographing marine life of the North Atlantic.   Deeply respectful of the natural world, Martinez’s work conveys his sense of its profound spiritual beauty.  Since he dives year round in New England, his photos vividly illustrate the changing seasons of the sea.

Martinez has an extensive photojournalism background.  His work has appeared in most nature, travel and dive magazines the United States and in many other similar publications around the globe.  He authored a popular New England field guide, Marine Life of the North Atlantic, photo-documenting marine life from Cape Cod to Canada. He is collaborating with French Canadian author, Pierre Henri Fountaine, on a new edition of La Faune Sous-Marine du Saint-Laurent, a field guide to marine life in the St. Lawrence River.  His work is currently used in many other nature books and field guides, and is featured in exhibits in most aquaria in the United States.

Photo assignments sponsored by National Geographic World Magazine have taken him to Fiji, Bonaire, and Cape Cod.  He has guided Marine Biology study or travel groups to the islands of Galapagos, Cayman, and the Bay Islands of Honduras. 

Martinez has taught underwater photography for the past 15 years.  He currently teaches individuals or groups at UnderSea Divers in Beverly, MA.  He regularly gives workshops in Marine Life Identification and underwater photo theory and practice at the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic. He is also represented by two photo stock agencies, Photo Researchers and

Martinez was awarded first prize in the Underwater Division of the National Wildlife photography contest. 




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